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Give shape and size to your breasts.

  • Mammoplasty increases or reduces your breasts.

  • Recover lost volume.

  • Guaranteed and certified surgeons.

  • Acquire a youthful appearance

  • Form and volume to your liking.

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    What is Mammoplasty?

    Mammoplasty is a surgical procedure in which breast volume is increased, either by using implants or breast prostheses, which are bags filled with silicone or saline solution.

    This helps to increase the cup, recover lost volume after having been in a period of lactation, reconstruct the breasts provided by some disease or correct some asymmetry.


    In order to place the implants the incision can be made in several places so that it can be entered into the body. The first is at the lower edge of the areola, as a second option is to make an incision in the lower fold of the breast or the fold of the armpit.

    After making this incision a kind of “pocket” is made, this is usually placed behind the breast or pectoral muscle where the implant will go, finally proceeds to the other breast and closure of the incision is made.

    Postoperative Care

    It is advisable to use a flannel bra for a month, as this will help to mold the breasts in the healing process. It is always recommended to avoid places where you can acquire an infection, in this case it could be the pools for two weeks.

    You can exercise after 3 or 4 weeks, this depends on the pain you have. Sometimes it is advisable to perform massages on the breasts to reduce hardening.

    Latest Recommendations:

    • Always make sure you have the required exams up to date.

    • Take care in the postoperative so you can see results as soon as possible.

    • Take everything required for the day of your surgery.

    • Enjoy your new look


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