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These are some of our medical surgeons, endorsed by the Colombian society of plastic surgery.


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These are some of our certified plastic surgeons, where you will have total security in the procedure you perform with us.

Fabian Blanchard is a plastic surgeon specializing in the practice of aesthetic and regenerative surgery, based on the most recent techniques and latest technologies.

We achieve the best results of operations and treatments with our professional experience as plastic surgeons in Colombia and individual attention, which allows us to recommend the treatment that best suits the person, taking into account the needs and characteristics of each patient. Understanding plastic surgery as an aesthetic process based on the correction of defects to achieve optimal harmony and a healthy and beautiful body image.

Expert Surgeons

Each of our plastic and aesthetic surgeons are certified and endorsed by the Colombian Society of Plastic Surgery, with the assurance that the plastic surgeon you choose will be a trusted doctor. We give you for sure that you will have the best treatment and the best care during and after the procedure you perform. Just trust us and there is nothing to fear.

  • Certified experience before each surgeon.

  • You can perform the procedure you want each one has a specialty in them.

  • Excellent treatment to each of our patients.

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Our Objectives

We aim to give you the satisfaction and happiness with the procedure you decide to perform. Giving you the choice of choosing the plastic surgeon you want and with whom you feel comfortable.

We want you to feel happy with your body, giving you the ease and economy, so you can perform any cosmetic surgery without having any inconvenience.

Make you feel comfortable as a woman and have the best care in your procedure with any plastic surgeon of your choice. Also encouraged that each of our plastic surgeries are performed by expert surgeons and endorsed by the Colombian society of plastic surgery.

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